This is a big day for me. Like, a really big day. A huge day. It’s A. the first blog on our recently updated website (still more improvements to come!), B. setting my new album in motion (officially), and C. showing our fans, followers, and the world what we’ve been slaving over. It’s nerve-racking, humbling, and crazy exciting. I welcome you, inside my mind. The Planet of the APE.

Before we look forward, let’s go back in time for a second. Roughly 30 years back in time. About a month before I was born in September of 1986, my grandfather Paul passed away. In honor of him, I was given his first name. Gotta carry the torch. However, before the tragic passing of my grandpa, my parents had other plans for what to call me. Adrian Pierce Adams was the winner. Alas, life changed all that.

Fast forward a bit. About 20 years or so. I went through a weird funk in my mid-20s with my music. After “Absoulute” came out back in 2010, I met Monty and Erik. That was truly a gift from the heavens. They both embodied what I wanted to obtain with my music. They demonstrated a mastery of the craft of rapping I felt I did not quite have. Never one to back down from a challenge, the sibling-like rivalry we had to “win” against each other on verses propelled me to greater heights. Arkane and I always had that tug-of-war with instrumentals, but now I had it with rappers, too. I was certainly “leveling up”.

Unfortunately, it didn’t happen fast enough for my liking. In about 2012 I started a project entitled “Greater Than” and had a few songs recorded. It was not up to snuff. Close, but not quite what I wanted it to be.  After realizing the project needed a fresh approach, I fell into a long musical hibernation. A creative funk. I kept making beats pretty regularly (not my best work), but needed inspiration to draw out the next evolution of ProFound. One day, I was joking with my brother that I needed a new name. Or something. Anything. He suggested Adrian Pierce. I immediately loved it. For a few brief moments, I had considered changing my name entirely! But ProFound is too much of who I am, so I scratched that.

The Adrian Pierce Experience. APE. I LIKE THAT. It all made sense! Make a project about the journey to become who you were destined  to be. This is where I got crazy ambitious. I decided this project would showcase solely my production, as well as my lyrics. Almost 20 songs and roughly 2 1/2 years later, the final project is 15 strong songs, featuring some amazing work from some amazing musicians and artists. It is an album about the up’s and down’s, the grind of life and the triumph we have through he human experience. Music has given me a beautiful network of friends and family that I will forever be grateful for.

The artwork you see above was created from the mind (and colored pencils!!!) of Joseph Grazi, an artist I met via Instagram (@josephwolfgrazi). I knew I wanted a majestic, regal ape to literally represent the acronym – and the spirit – of the project. When I saw his work, I reached out to him immediately after I fell in love with many of his posts. After sending him a rough copy of the project, he got to work immediately. I absolutely love the final look and hope it gets you guys excited for what’s to come!

We are shooting videos, doing photo shoots, interviews, press, and will be inviting many of you to my listening party. More info to come on that shortly. I am extremely excited for what this next month (and beyond) brings.

Thank you for all of your support and I hope I have put together a project you can all vibe with.

Adrian Pierce Experience, coming July 22nd! Are you ready?